The 2017 MX 207 Practice Schedule information listed below will remain in effect throughout the year.  Any changes or updates will be posted as quickly as possible on this site, Facebook and the 24 hr Hotline (207 247 3043).

Please remember to always call the Hotline before coming to the track.  There will be occasions when the track is closed during the normal schedule for maintenance, track changes or equipment issues. 

WEEKDAY PRACTICE;   Wednesday from 1;00pm to 7;00pm  *Depending on the forecast, this could change on a week to week basis.  If it look slike mother nature is going to dump rain on us on a Wednesday but be nice Tuesday and or Thursday, we will likely move the practice to one of those days.  So keep an ear on the hotline 207-247-3043 or an eye on the Facebook.

WEEKEND PRACTICE;   Saturday and Sunday.  –  10;00am to 4;00pm  Non Race weekends only.



Registered Guest Daily Pricing.

Main Track  –   $30.00 each day per Registered Guest.  $20.00 after 5;00pm

Mini Track  –   $20.00 each day per Registered Guest.   $15.00 after 5;00pm

MX 207 Memberships are available throughout the year that will entitle a member to Unlimited Track Time on Regular Scheduled practice days.


Please keep in mind that all necessary forms must be completed and Notarized before a Registered Guest Card or an Annual Membership Card can be issued.   Necessary forms can be downloaded HERE.


Late arrivales who show up within two hours of closing, get a discounted rate of $20.00.

For younger riders, there is a kids track available.  This is for 50cc riders and beginners only.  The mini track is $20.00 for the day, or $15.00 within two hours of closing.

All riders must complete the registration forms.  These forms are available for download here.  Please print these out and get them notarized before coming.  Riders under 18 are able to come without his/her parent, but they must have completed and gotten notarized the Minor Without Gaurdian form.

Overnight parking is available during the weekends if you’d like to ride Saturday and Sunday.