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THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!  Once more MX 207 is hosting the Maine State Motocross Championship and the format is the same.  Two days of racing along with a full night of activities on Friday evening.  Two full Motos each day with Championship points for the weekend awarded to the best 3 out of 4 finishes.

Please note that MMS, NCSC, NEMX and NEMA will also be awarding points to their members on a per day basis for overall finishes on Saturday and Sunday.  These points will be kept track of by each indivdual organization and will not affect the "Best 3 out of 4 "  Awards for the State Championship.  



Looking for something different to do in in Southern Maine? Come on over to Lyman and check out the Go Kart and Lawnmower races at the Bartlett Bridge Raceway (located at MX 207). It's a great way to entertain your family for the day.  It's only Five bucks to get in and you can stay for the whole day. There's plenty of parking and a snack bar serving breakfast and lunch. The Kart and Mower series brings the fastest racers in New England so be ready to be amazed!


Bartlett Bridge Raceway (BBR) is the Official name of the facility that will be hosting all the racing events on the 1/10 mile clay flat track.  BBR and MX 207 are both part of Competition Park located at 53 Bartlett Bridge Road in Lyman, ME.  Please be aware that the mailing address is different.  It is SSMX, LLC  PO Box 207 East Waterboro, ME 04030 is the official website for BBR.


Updates and Race information will be on the 24 Hr Hotline - 207 247 3043  and also on the Facebook page of "Bartlett Bidge Raceway". 


Check this track out.  Big Race schedule in the works for 2014.  See the race schedule on the website.


MX 207 accepts MASTERCARD AND VISA for your convenience

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