With Summer right around the corner, what better way to spend Father’s Day Weekend than at the Summer Kickoff on June 16th -17th here at MX207.

This is (1) a weekend for the kids, and (2) those who want to spend the weekend WITH their kids.  Practice will be held like usual from 10:00-4:00 both days (bikes only) split into two groups allowing for the little guys and beginners to have the track to themselves.  Normal practice rules and fees apply.  Overnight parking is more than welcome for those who want to make a weekend out of it.

Friday night under the lights will be go kart races on Bartlett Bridge Raceway. Spectator wristbands are only 5 dollars.

Saturday’s order of events:
10:00 – 4:00 – Open Practice
4:10 – Sign Up starts at the Mini Track
4:30 – Balance Bike Practice
5:00 – Balance Bike Races Begin
6:00 – Mini Track MX racing begins

Sunday Practice from 10:00-4:00.

Balance Bikes 2 yrs and under
Balance Bikes 3 yrs old
Balance Bikes 4-5 yrs old
50cc Open 4-8 yrs old
50cc Pee Wee beginner
Pit Bikes 50cc-110cc Ages 8-12
Pit Bikes 50cc-110cc Ages 13-21
Pit Bikes 50cc-110cc Ages 22+


*The MBBR will begin at 4:30. The 50cc Racing will begin at 6:00. Times will likely move around a few minutes depending how long things are taking but that will be the order of events.
*Balance bike entries must be complete by 4:50
*Pee Wee, 50cc 4-8, and pit bike entries must be complete by 5:50
*All race entries cost $10
*The Pee Wee class is for Pee Wee beginners.  If you’re child is racing another 50cc, please do not treat this class like a pitbike class. This if for the young ones just starting to ride/ race.
*Each dirt bike class will have a 10 minute practice session before lining up to begin their race
*If you are willing to help, please let us know.  Contact Danny Stuart: [email protected]
*Racing will begin with a flag start; no starting gate.
*This is intended to be a fun evening for the kids.
*The MBBR is something new to MX207.  Paul Michaud and Travis Steward have been doing a great job with it up at Hemond’s MX and helping to introduce it at MX207.  For more information on the Balance Bike racing, click:  MBBR at MX207

We will add more info to this page as it becomes available.  Please spread the word.  We’ve been seeing a lot of youth and new pee wee riders, and it is our intention to get everybody together to meet and have a fun time shredding it up on the mini track at their blazing fast walking speeds!


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