Lottery Parking “A” Area

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The lottery parking is for the 10 spots along the start straight.  It allows for people who aren’t able to be the first to arrive, the chance to park where most people consider to be the best parking spots.  $25.00 puts you in the running for a 20′ x 70′ parking spot along the side of the start straight away. 10 winners will be selected randomly August 19th.  We will post the winners and contact them to pick their spots 1-10 in the order they were selected (pulled from a hat).  With this, you will have the luxury of being able to show up knowing that your spot is available and waiting for you to pull in and arrive.  For those of you not familiar with the parking here at MX207, the “A” area is the grass raking closest to the starting gate, the spectating area, the vending area, and you are able to watch the starts right from your truck or trailer.


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