Upcoming Events: October 27th

MX207, located at 53 Bartlett Bridge Rd. in Lyman, ME



Order of Events:
Sign Up: 11:00-11:30
Practice: 11:00-11:30
Racing: 11:30-12:45

Balance Bikes 2 Yrs and Younger
Balance Bikes 3 Yrs Old
Balance Bikes 4-5 Yrs Old
Bicycles 3-4 Yrs Old
Bicycles 5-6 Yrs Old

Admission: $5.00
Race Entry: $10.00 (this includes admission fee)

Parents are allowed to run behind the race along side the course to help a child who is having a difficult time finishing his race.  However, please allow for the race to unfold before offering assistance.  If your child is up towards the front of the pack, allow for him/ her to compete on their own.  Assistance shall be for the children (if any) who are having a difficult time making it to the finish line.
Children must be wearing at a helmet at all times while on their bikes.
If a class has more then 8 participants, we will be doing a 2nd row on the start.  Only the first 8 participants (this number could change depending on what looks safest) will line up in the front row.  The “gate pick” will be random in the first race.  The first race will only be for gate pick in the 2nd race.  They will be called up for their second race in the order they finished the first race.  This second race is the race they will be scored on, and the top 3 will be awards trophies.

Race Order:
1.  Balance Bikes 3 Yrs Old
2.  Balance Bikes 4-5 Yrs Old
3.  Balance Bikes 2 Yrs and Younger
4.  Bicycles 3-4 Yrs Old
5.  Bicycles 4-5 Yrs Old


We’ve built a new course to allow for these events to happen more often.  It is a work in progreess at this point, but we did out first run on it the 13th and everyone seemed to have a great time.  We’ll be adding to it in Spring and look forward to making these MBBR races bigger and better every time!