It’s that time of year again! The Maine Event will be August 27-28-29.  This will again be an AMA FEATURED EVENT.  With the huge pro-purse last year and the selected All Star riders running the bibs as “the guys to beat” in their respective classes, this race sets itself up as having the most competition, the most track prep, and the best of times.  This is the biggest stage in the Northeast to prove yourself and see how you match up against the best of the best, this is the race that matters; This is “The Maine Event”.

The weekend kicks of with a Friday Practice from 9:00am-3:00pm, and racing will be Saturday and Sunday.   The Friday practice is optional.  There is a standard race day morning practice on Saturday for people who are not able to arrive early enough Friday.  Gates open for the weekend Thursday at 9:00am.

This is an AMA event.  We’ve structured our classes around AMA ages and bike sizes.  Please be aware of age requirements and machine criteria for each class.  A breakdown of the classes will be available here:

We will be running a 3 moto format throughout the weekend.  Saturday we will race all first motos, and continue with second motos until 6:45pm.  Sunday we will pick up where we left off before rolling into third motos.

Weekend Schedule
Thursday: Gates open at 9:00am
Friday: Practice 9:00-3:00, Pitbike track 3:30-7:00, 5:30 evening Barrel Racing at the Barn.
Saturday: 8:15 riders meeting, 8:30 practice, followed by racing until 6:45. 7:00 -9:30 pit bike racing
Sunday: 8:15 riders meeting, 8:30 sight laps, racing, awards.

Gate fees:

$30.00 weekend admission (Fri/Sat/Sun,  Fri/Sat, or Sat/Sun)
$15.00 single day admission
$50 per day for vehicles arriving prior to Thursday.  The track is closed Mon-Wed, there is no riding, pit biking, pit vehicles, etc.  Parking will be assigned, check with MX207 staff before leaving vehicle.

Race Fees:

$70.00 per class, 3 moto format.  250A & Open A are $80.00
Friday Practice fee $40


Sign up online! CLICK HERE.
Online registration “how to” video: available here.


This will be an AMA Sanctioned event.
Riders who do not have an AMA Membership already will be able to get a temporary membership for $20.00.
A rider will be allowed to ride a second bike if their bike breaks and prevents them from being able to finish the weekend as long as it fits class criteria.

If a class has more then 45 riders, we will run qualifiers.  The first (of 3) run through the schedule will be heat 1 and heat 2 where the top 19 from each class will qualify.  After all first motos are ran, LCQs (if any) will be ran in that same order for the top 5 to qualify.  Those who’ve qualified will all race together in the 2nd and 3rd motos.

The 250 A and Open A classes will run time qualifying in the morning for gate positions.


The Pro Purse will go towards the top 10 of both the 250 and Open A.

The 30+ A class will have a 100% payback, using the NESC pay chart.

Get the 125 2-Strokes ready to rip, the Aggressive Graphix 125 class will again have $ up for grabs. 1st  $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100


Pit Vehicles

Golf carts and pitbikes will be allowed.  You must have a permit (available at the office for $10) and be a licensed driver.
Pit vehicle permits will be associated with a racer.  Mis-use of pit vehicle will result in penalty for the rider.
You must* have a light when it gets dark.  Holding a cell phone does not count.
Side by Side ATVs, full sized bikes, and race bikes are not* pit vehicles and will not be issued a pit vehicle permit.
Golf Karts will be available to rent through CCE’S RENTAL FLEET. Call and ask for Beth at 508-322-3025 to get one delivered for you for the weekend.


Parking spots will be marked. Please arrive together if you wish to park together.
Parking along the start straightaway will be reserved as lottery parking.  There are 10 spots available.  To apply for one of these spots, click here.
We will be establishing an area of parking as the “quiet” area, where all generators must be off at ten for those of you who want the peace and quiet.


Friday Night: Barrel Racing at The Barn
This will be head to head, single elimination bracket racing. Winner goes on. It is only $5 to sign up.
Riders must be wearing gear.  Helmets, goggles, pants, long sleeve, gloves, boots.
The classes will be as follows: 50s, 65s, 85s + Superminis, Novice, Am/ Exp.
Sign up will be at the barn. Minor must be accompanied by parent. There will be a 30 rider cap for each class.

Saturday NightL Pit Bike Racing
Sign up will be at the barn.  It will be $15 to race.
Practice begins at 7, racing will follow.
Bikes must have numbers.  Cant score a rider if there is no number ID.
Gear requirements.  All participants must have helmet, gloves, pants (jeans are ok, mx gear is encouraged), boots (work boots are acceptable), and goggles.
Classes are as follows:
50cc (4 stroke only) 4-9
50cc-110cc 10-15
50cc-110cc 16-20
50cc-110cc 21-30
50cc-110cc 30+
140cc 18+


Pitbike Track Rules
The track must be ridden in its proper direction, and in its entirety. No cutting the track anywhere.
No balance bikes, Stacyc bikes, mountain bikes, or scooters are allowed on the track while pit bikes are active.