Next Event: July 21

Order of Events:
Sign Up: 9:45 – 10:15
Practice: 9:45 – 10:30
Racing: 10:30 – 11:30
Awards: 11:30 (Awards follow after racing is complete)

Balance Bikes 2 Yrs and Younger
Balance Bikes 3 Yrs Old
Balance Bikes 4-5 Yrs Old
Bicycles 3-4 Yrs Old
Bicycles 5-6 Yrs Old

Admission: Free
Race Entry: $10.00

Parents are allowed to run behind the race along side the course to help a child who is having a difficult time finishing his race.  However, please allow for the race to unfold before offering assistance.  If your child is up towards the front of the pack, allow for him/ her to compete on their own.  Assistance shall be for the children (if any) who are having a difficult time making it to the finish line.
Complete MBBR Rules can be found HERE.

Race Order:
1.  Balance Bikes 3 Yrs Old
2.  Balance Bikes 4-5 Yrs Old
3.  Balance Bikes 2 Yrs and Younger
4.  Bicycles 3-4 Yrs Old
5.  Bicycles 4-5 Yrs Old

Pee-Wee Motocross Racing.
The Pee-Wee MX Racing will begin immediately after the MBBR racing has concluded between  11:00-11:30 roughly.
There are 3 classes.  50cc 4-8 Open, 50cc Pee Wee Beginner, and Pit Bike Class.
Each Class will be given a 5-10 Minute Practice session before their 8 Lap Race.
Sign-Up will be from 11:00-11:30 by the round tunnel. Class Entry is $10.00
A pitbike ranges from 50cc-110cc. A 65cc 2-Stroke MX bike is not elligable for the pitbike class.